Typical jobs

The TV documentary
5 days of prep, 10 days of shooting, one producer/fixer and one driver. Local equipment, 2 rental cars. Permits, Hotels, VAT deduction, Production Insurance. Road trip around Sweden and Norway total crew of 7 people.

The film/drama
10 weeks of prep, scouting, recce, casting, mixed international crew of 67 people. Local equipment, Local technicians. 6 weeks of shooting. 2 weeks of recon.

The international reality show
20 Weeks of prep, 3 days of shooting, set construction, hotel bookings, transportation management, boat hire, safety and emergency coordination. Extra insurance. Crew of 80 people. 2 weeks of recon.

The News program
10 days of planning, 4 Camera OB, Location management, Live Sat transmission, Technical crew of 15. Technical and equipment coordination.

Braking news
15 minutes of planning, Live transmission, 1 camera, 1 coordinator, SNG-Truck and FTP transfer.


Polulation-10 million people, Currency-Swedish Krona SEK, everybody speaks English, 3rd largest country in Western Europe. Member of the EU, One of the world’s highest standard of living, On the top list of life expectancy, fika is short coffee break with coffee and a bun/cake. Take of your shoes when entering a home, always say yes if offered coffee. No dress codes, really high taxes, The world’s highest consumption of tomato ketchup. It takes 3 hours to fly from the south to the north. Media industry is quite large and based in Stockholm. 45 min flying to Oslo, 40 Minutes to Helsinki. Lapland is a region in the North that covers Norway, Sweden Finland and Russia. Coldest place in Europe is Nikkaluokta in Lapland. Sweden has a royal family. Ata-Carnet country

Extensive Production insurance, Official Press card, First Aid training certificate, Own FTP, Portable Computer Network, Official Pay role systems, VAT deduction. Holder of US-IRS W-8BEN-E certificate. Hotel Agreements and equipment rental contracts with big discounts, Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, Drone flying permits. Extensive knowledge of water and artic filming. Areal filming and aircraft radio permits and certificates. Location photo library.