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Sweden - Norway - Finland

What we do

We get you permits. We supply you with fixers and production people. We get you great location scouts and location managers. We do budgets. We take you around Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the rest of Scandinavia. We do call sheets. We drink loads of coffee. We set up a castings. We get you discounts from our suppliers.

Our work is primarily divided between large International reality shows, European dramas, fast moving TV-projects, and smaller documentaries. No job is to large, and no job is to small. If you need a crew of 132 people or a crew of just you have come to the right place.

We service the whole of Scandinavia but are based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden is the 3rd largest country in western Europe with flat farmland and beautiful beaches in the south, gorgeous and secluded wooden areas is the middle and arctic tundra to the north. In the Northwest you will find the Scandia Mountains, and in the East world famous archipelagos with tens of thousands of beautiful and intimate islands.

We as a company have been servicing international clients for over 20 years and have learned to incorporate international filming standards into the typical Swedish values. Values that include hospitality and efficiency while always providing the best local production staff, crews, suppliers, and fixers to our shoots. This applies across the board, not only for large shoots but also when it consists only of supplying a production fixer and driver for smaller production.

We have full production insurance, payroll and tax services, along with systems for accurate VAT reclaim. We have the latest W-8BEN/IRS tax forms. We have official Swedish press cards and a standing areal photography permit. And of course we have agreements and discounts in place with all hotel chains, airlines, and most importantly with all equipment suppliers and rental houses.

What we have done

TopGear USA - BBC
Top Gear – BBC
Advertisement - Volvo
Advertisement – Volvo
The Amazing Race – CBS
The Amazing Race – CBS
Chef's Table - Netflix
Chef’s Table – Netflix
The Mind of a Chef - PBS
The Mind of a Chef – PBS
Better Late Than Never - NBC
Better Late Than Never – NBC
Advertisement - Ford
Advertisement – Ford
Interpol - TF1
Interpol – TF1
Advertisement - Finnair
Advertisement – Finnair
Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways
Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways
Eat The World - Amazon
Eat The World – Amazon
Who Do You Think You Are – NBC
Who Do You Think You Are – NBC
Holby City - BBC
Holby City – BBC
BBC Sport
HardTalk - BBC
HardTalk – BBC
The Mask - MSG+
The Mask – MSG+
Advertisement - SAS
Advertisement – SAS
Beatrice Egli - ZDF
Beatrice Egli – ZDF
Coast - BBC
Coast – BBC
The Amazing Race Israel
Escape to the Continent - BBC
Escape to the Continent – BBC
RAI Italia
Mighty Trains - Discovery
Mighty Trains – Discovery
Destination Truth
Destination Truth
Inga Lindström - ZDF
Inga Lindström – ZDF
Advertisement - Lufthansa
Advertisement – Lufthansa